MilWalkEe Photos
Saturday, April 18, 2004

Mud in the Empty Lot below Des Plaines, Kinzie and Milwaukee The view west on Kinzie to Fulton St Market Our Vinegary First Stop: Blommers Rob Presents a chocolate chip. my personal favorite, chocolate casts of all the tools required to take up and chocolate profession – as in chocolate handcuffs and night sticks for the apprehension and display of chocolate perps; chocolate saws and drills for the construction of chocolate wood-working projects;  chocolate skiing and poles for veideling down swiss chocolate slopes.  The usual chocolate smell outside the factory was disconcertingly more vinegar than cocoa .  The Impregnable Fortress: Gonnella
Hairnets Galore Pierogi on the Plate Pierogi on the Fork Gypsy Boy shares Our Podhalanka Host El Chino - Closed for Remodelation
A Well earned rest at Margies
The attractive facade of the congress theater
Mike G gets a surprise inhis Sope
Lovely Green Salsa with Semilla on Taquitos
Viva La Revolucion!
Maple Leaf, with Baby and Fruit Cup
Fruit Shakes at the Mega Mall
Fritters and Meat at Kurowski
A phalanx of Hanging Sausages
The mayor hoilding court behing his array of meats
Reservoir Dogs/ Bataan Death March post Peacock Lounge
    Maury and Flaury The End    

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Ice in the cooler, digi-cam at the ready, I got on the train at 8:30AM at Logan Square, arriving at the rally point, Blommer's Chocolate Factory and Outlet store at 8:45, just in time to stand on the corner and admire the puddles and mud under the des plaines over pass, and take in the view west down Kinzie to the Fulton Market. Gypsy Boy was the first to arrive (and one of the first casualties - more on his disappearance and our complete failure to keep track of our own ranks later on). He pointed out, correctly, that the corner of Desplaines and Kinzie is not actually the very start of Milwaukee Ave - there is a non-contiguous block that starts at Lake , three blocks south west. Since he had walked that stretch, I felt that the rest of us could be considered as having walked it as well, if only symbolically, or at least by proxy.

Complete List of Stops:

Big Tony
El Chino (Closed for Remodelation)
Red Hen
Johnny's Snack Shop
Coconut Icies
Fruit Cup
the Blue Van
El Condor
Mega Mall
La Isla Marias
Coconut Icies
The Gap Outlet
The Padalhie Club Entertainment
Other Polish Grocery - Staropolska?
Polish Bakery - Pasieka Home?
The Peacock Lounge
The Barren Stretch
Debate over Karl Shurz High School
Guatemalan Bakery
The Cigar Store
Taqueria El Gallo #2
The drive
Home Sweet Home