Susanna Gellert and Scott Zielinski got married in Hudson, NY

lounging in inflatable bliss, New Lebanon JOHNSTON ATTACK!!! Picture Window to the Berkshires, c/o Ikea You wouldn't guess to look at her, but there is a large blister developing on the bottom of Kerensa's right foot - wedding are always such bittersweet affairs. kat and sarah teh gang
greta garbo self portrait a glimpse into the future andre baldpate himself frannie parker! the groom and the epstein.
meredith and the bride pre-ceremony pep talk. elaine braces the bride for what lies ahead sunlight cooperates with a dramatic lighting effect brideful GAVIN WITT! and his girlfriend. "get off of me!"
get OFF of me get on me! Hallo closeup! the best of an extrememly poor sequence of portraits. dimly lit cake eating.
Making the rounds ferocious!!! looming benghiat kerensa begins to starve before celebrity begins team sid vicious's capable captain our mistress of charades will kick your ass with her shrekkily green tongue
  the giant is asleep! i have seen the best minds of my generation ravaged by celebrity sleeeeeeeeep the miracle of foreshortening; i am herve villechaise.  

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