cars for sale -- not shown actual mufflers, carburetors tires and transmissions
fresh churros being indelicately filled
cookware for sale cheap tools for aspiring cosmetologists
when asked if actual dentists or hobbyists actually buy these implements the answer of primarily for home use was given.  vital information's eyes light up at the prospect of home use.
fabulous deepfried empanadas...i especially like the brains-filled ones.
that's where elvis went.
religious ikons in bobble and non bobble headed varieties mario presents an ojo with pride tacos de cachete (cheek) and ojo (eye) on the rubi's end of RST's best tacos in the world, the lady of the masa rolls here dough into a ball in anticipation fo the press. asbestos fingertips flip tortillas
cutrate toilet paper for industrial facilities
maxwell st panorama
thong tha thong thong thong the happy hammonds towards the end of the market day tube sox and tamales together at last i forget the name of this guy -- he is a truly intrepid eater of tacos, despite his relatively meager girth
can anyone fill me in on what mexican holiday it's been for the last couple of weeks?
what is this vegetable? zim, his kids, and dave hammonds wife, whose name I'm sorry to say, has flown my coop.

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