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We're grandparents! helloxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


7 lbs even

November 26, 2005
Miami, FL

Born into the waiting arms of Zach and Miri Pearson-Martinez, and brothers Seth and Eli, and sister Ella.

("Daphne" means laurel tree, and "daphne sophia" is an endangered species of laurel in the Ukraine, a fact the parents were unaware of until they had named the baby.




7 lbs 1.5 oz.

born March 1, 2005
12:54 am
in Lewisburg PA

(during the snowstorm)
Samantha Pearson and Stephen Buonopane,
in a lightning, awake birth at Evangelical Community Hospital
with midwife Susan Bare and doula Beverly Warkulwicz





6 lbs 10 oz.

born September 21, 2003
8:05 am
at home in
Miami FL
Miriam and Zach Pearson-Martinez
in a water-birth with friend and midwife, Laura Houwers.


6 lbs 12 oz.

born May 23, 2002
12:41 pm
Baltimore MD
Sam Pearson and Stephen Buonopane
in a water-birth with midwife Kathy Sloane.

6 lbs 9 oz.

born September 2, 1999
8:34 am
at Mercy Medical Center
Baltimore MD
Miriam and Zach Pearson-Martinez
in a water-birth with midwife Mary Knauer.



born February 9 , 1991




Listen to Eli! . .
"Where's the Kitty?" 56k Modem High Speed ISDN/Cable
"Whee!!" 56k Modem High Speed ISDN/Cable
"Where's the ball?!" 56k Modem High Speed ISDN/Cable
"See the train!!" 56k Modem High Speed ISDN/Cable

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Proud Grandparents

Carlos and Miriam Martinez of Miami, FL

Ralph and Irene Buonopane of Westwood, MA


Wilbur and Barbara Pearson of Amherst, MA

(pictured below)


Proud Parents

of Eli, Ella, Daphne, and Seth

(In park, walking the dog with baby Eli at 6 weeks

(to appear) Proud Parents of Ezra

Quick Album

This is the electronic analog of the jumbled pictures in a box.
First birthday Pictures, hanging out, playing outside, or in.

Eli  took his first steps on his first birthday:


And just hung out with Dad.

Ella 4 months

Ezra 1 year with Sam

Ezra 17 months
18 mos

Eli 3 1/2 dancing with Dad

Eli 6/03
Ella 2/04  



Seth at sea

Cousins, Eli and Ezra



Eli in Miami 9/04


Ella in pink, Miami 9/04 



Ella in politics at age one 9/04

Ezra 11/21/04 29 months


Ella in cake at age one 9/21/04 

Eli 2/5/05 Five yrs

Eli getting a haircut (looking like an angel) 2/5/05 Five yrs

Ella 2/5/05 16 months (mosquito bite on eye)
Ella and 1/2 of Zach
Hazel, 2 hours old Hazel, March 3, 2005

Hazel, 6 months old

Sam, Hazel, and Ezra (en route) November 2005
November 25, 2005, Ella, Eli, and Miri in Miami November 27, 2005 Eli, Daphne, and Ella

Daphne 5 months

Miri and Daphne Spring 06



Eli at Matheson Hammock Beach Spring 06

Ella in Water, Spring 06

Hazel "belly" May 06

Ezra Fire Chief May 06


Daphne, Summer 07

Ella "shhhh" S ummer 07


The family moves to Boca. Eli gets surfing lessons.




I see Hazel, 2007 Calendar

April Showers, for April 07 Calendar

Still playing Peek-a-boo in 2008 Calendar picture.

Ezra for 2007 Calendar He's a big boy.

September 2008 Going to kindergarten (I think that's a smile : )

Hazel takes new steps this year, too.

Spring 2008--The Pearson-Martinez Family Portraits

(yes, it's a professional photographer)

(clockwise: Daphne 2, Seth 17, Eli 8, Zach 30-something; Ella 4; Miri 30-something)

Miri and Zach

Miri & Ella

Miri & Eli





Eli (he can also touch the back of his head with his feet)

The tea party

Hendricks House, Northampton MA (under construction)
Designed by Wilbur Pearson for James Hendricks and Leslie Cernak 2005
Interiors at different stages of completion  

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Sam and Barbara head for the trails with 80 or so hardy souls--organized and facilitated by

4 days, 3 nights, 120 miles, mostly uphill

(Right: at Purgatory Chasm, Day 2)

Our tent was at 2nd base. (I'm sitting next to it--near big green tent.)

Sam--taking good care of her mom.

Our riding companion Maria (from NH).

Riding with the 50-milers.

All down-hill from here. (N. Gulf Road w/Rattlesnake Nob, Amherst, in background.)

The last picnic, on the Hadley Common. Last sign-in.

The finale--riding up Main Street in Northampton en masse.

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