It's officially "history." We were in Wales, March 18 to May 18, 2009, where I was a visiting researcher at the ESRC Centre for Research in Bilingualism. While we were there, I worked on quantifiers and participated in the active life of the Centre--and we did our best (which wasn't too hard) to feel at home in North Wales. Now back in Amherst, this webpage moves from being our ersatz Facebook to being an archive.

Below are a couple of snapshots, for the Cliff Notes version of our album of the trip, and I have organized a larger selection by category in the menu below (castles, gardens, landscapes, architecture, our house here, people here , other UK shots plus France and French chateaux), and a short chronology below that.

Note the extraordinary good weather in the photos below--not just an isolated occurrence, although the sunny weather didn't follow us to France or Scotland. We loved our time in Wales, but Wilbur's newfound wanderlust should take us on to "Romance" lands. He says our next trip should be Spain, but could be France or Italy (--or more likely Mexico).

We shall see. Stay tuned. Best wishes to all,

Barbara and Wilbur (


Wales Semester, Spring 2009

University of Bangor


c/o Centre for Research in Bilingualism
College Road
Upper Bangor
Gwynedd LL57 2 DG

All 3 red doors are the Centre. I go in the one on the left. We have lunch and our talks in the room to the right of the right door.


  Coming in the drive, in Glanrafon, Llangoed, Beaumaris. No house number, just a name: Bryn Hafod (Summer dwelling on a hill?) The view from the breakfast table (over to Snowdonia Mts) ---My more typical view (of the computer screen)


Our living room with people from the program. (Wilbur at the far end of the table; next to our host Ginny. ) 3/28


The Menai Bridge between Bangor and Anglesey (one of the oldest suspension bridges in Europe). The buses inch through those arches.


Our local castle (Beaumaris)



Note: The pictures have been reduced for the web. If you want prints of any of them, please let us know, and we can either send you a print or the original file to print from.

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The official chronology of our movements is as follows:
March 18 Flight from Boston, through JFK, to Charles de Gaulle in Paris.
  Pick up Peugeot. Spend 2 days and nights in France (in Reims and near Arras, with Ruth and Max)
March 21 Chunnel from Calais in the am; sunset at Stonehenge.
  Wend way slowly up through western England to the A55, a straight shot from Chester to Bangor
March 23 First day at the Bilingualism Centre (walked up from Menai Bridge with Ginny and Dilys)
  First activity a neuroscience and bilingualism workshop. (That's how Bencie Woll was there.)
  Ensued many more activities, all from Bangor and Anglesey (as chronicled below); farthest afield Powis Castle in Welshpool, with side trip to Montgomery
May 3 Leave on road trip to Scotland, by way of Lake Country and Hadrian's Wall.
May 6-7 After Lochs and Glasgow, "the Chester group" meeting at Alston Hall in Preston
May 12 Last day at Bilingualism Centre. Leave Anglesey at sunset for return trip, through Shrewsbury, Ludlow, the Cotswolds, & Bath
May 14 Ferry from Dover to Calais; stopover in Senlis, north of Paris
May 15-17 Drive around Paris to base in Amboise for the Chateaux and the Loire Valley
May 17 Spend night near airport in Roissy
May 18 Return car, flight direct to Logan. Bus to Pease Airport to get car from Holly --and home!