sunset three The first clam stop mmmm. . .clams Marc eating first lobster roll Kerensa enjoying ocean-y goodness
chow-da The second stop for lobster roll best lobster roll ever! can you make your lobster roll!? the chickens escaped
lucas's funny face barn bat on a bat house roof power saws! goooooooooal
let me out moon bounce quality control creating signs for the fair get ready to dunk cleaning up the fair grounds
sunset one gorgeous lucas enjoying sunset dance sunset two
sethy tie-tie yes he went into the water lobstahs! lobstah race mmmm. . .lobsters
a feast the opposing team game faces for celebrity on the boat on jordan pond
waiting for a table at jordan pond marc and chrissy david and seth and kerensa LUCAS the boys
mara and karen its so sad to say goodbye im being eaten by a lob-stah one more lobster roll please the wharf